What Do Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City & Everton have in Common? Security Vulnerabilities in their Websites!

Updated on: May 14, 2024

What Do Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City & Everton have in Common? Security Vulnerabilities in their Websites!

There is no number we can put to the combine following of Manchester United, Manchester City & Everton. These football clubs have millions and millions of worldwide following. While these clubs be divided by their fans and beliefs, there is something that unites these clubs: a security vulnerability! Yes, you heard it right. A critical security vulnerability was found by a researcher in the websites of all these clubs.

Meet Robbie

Robbie is a British security researcher who is expert at finding Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in websites. He participates in bug-bounty programs of various companies.  A month ago, he decided to check security status of the websites of various football clubs and ended up finding XSS vulnerabilities in:

  • Chelses Club’s Main Website
  • Everton Club’s Main Website
  • Everton FC’s Web Shop
  • Chelsea’s Megastore
  • Manchester United’s Main Website

Apart from the above, Robbie has also found some critical vulnerabilities in, a famous car dealership CMS system and even SkySports. The quickest find being the one in car dealership CMS which took him just two minutes to find. Though, it took a few months for developers to fix the bug.


XSS Vulnerability in Famous Football Clubs

  • XSS in Chelsea

    Chelsea XSS
  • Manchester United XSS

    Manchester United XSS
  • XSS in Everton

    Everton XSS

Consequences of XSS

XSS is often regarded as a ‘low hanging fruit’ in web security industry. This is because it is easy to find XSS in websites and modern day web apps seem to have a lot of it. But this doesn’t mean that XSS should be taken lightly, which it often is by developers. A few direct consequences of XSS in websites of clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United and Everton include:

  • Targeted attacks on website users to compromise their personal data (username, passwords, session data)
  • If the XSS is stored, a mass attack on all the users of the websites
  • Changing of website flow as per hacker convenience

While these might only a few consequences, XSS holds many more angles to it. To learn more about XSS, it’s consequences and how to prevent you can refer to the detailed article here.

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