Astra saved my website from the dreaded Japanese SEO hack. Have used Astra for my website's security ever since & super happy to see dozens of attacks being stopped & the support I've received Ingrid Kjelling
Owner, IK Photography

Test Quiz

Welcome to Test Quiz

What is your Full Name? (It will be used as is in your certificate)

What is your age?

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WordPress Security Quiz

Welcome to WordPress Security Quiz

What Is Your Name?
What Is Your Email?

What permissions will you give to files in a WordPress site?

1 out of 15

How can you ensure stricter database security?

2 out of 15

What permissions would you give to wp-config.php file?

3 out of 15

What is the character length for a file permission?

4 out of 15

What tool can help you do IP/country blocking?

5 out of 15

Which one is NOT used to protect a brute force attack?

6 out of 15

What permissions would you give to wp-content folder?

7 out of 15

Which plugin in WordPress protects a site from Brute force attacks?

8 out of 15

Which one is used to protect your site from DDOS attack?

9 out of 15

Which plugin is used to filter spam comments?

10 out of 15

In -rwxrw-r– What does x represent for?

11 out of 15

What will happen if your secret keys are leaked?

12 out of 15

What symbol is used for a file in WordPress file permissions?

13 out of 15

Which is the least previliged role in WordPress by default?

14 out of 15

Which chrome extension is used for scanning vulnerabilities on WordPress?

15 out of 15

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