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Top 8 affiliate marketing hacks for Astra Affiliates

Top tips & tricks to get you more conversions

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Top 8 affiliate marketing hacks for Astra Affiliates

Now that you’ve signed up as an Astra affiliate, it’s time to make some sales. We need to make sure that you achieve the goal that you had in mind when signing up. I am sure you have thought of amazing ideas to make great sales and enjoy this rewarding journey. Here are top 8 hacks you could use on top of your existing ideas to increase your chances of conversion. Also, make sure to follow the “pro-tips” mentioned in between the hacks to increase your chances of conversion even more 😉

Astra Affiliate Hack #1: Provide Amazing Content

How many times have you bought anything sold by a telecaller? I have never ever bought anything from a telecaller in my life and most of the people I know reject such calls even before the salesperson finishes their pitch. Most people don’t like being sold to rather they prefer to be told to. As Jeff Bezos, founder of world’s largest retailer once said, “Amazon does not make money by selling, they make money by helping consumers make purchase decisions.”

Help your audience by providing real value. Making great content is not easy, we understand that and thus are here to help. We have already created a vast pool of resources – guideschecklists & active blogs. You can refer to these resources to create new content and also redirect your audience directly to these.

Astra Affiliate Hack #2: Comparison with Competition!

Most of us compare before buying anything online, be it any service or product. Highly likely that your potential buyers will have questions like “How Astra is different from Sucuri?” or “Why is Astra better for me than Sitelock?” To help you help them, we have created detailed comparison pages. You can refer to these pages to create comparison content or redirect your potential buyers directly to these comparison pages!

Astra Affiliate Hack #3: Cruise through Courses

At Astra, our mission is to make web security super simple for website owners. Therefore, we keep on creating easy to follow courses for website owners to make them security conscious. As our partners in this mission, you can leverage these courses and spread security with happiness!
Here is the list of courses you can redirect your audience to –
WordPress Security Course

Astra Affiliate Hack #4: Reviews lead to Rewards!

People read and value reviews of others. Existing customers have reviewed Astra on different review websites like TrustPilot  and Capterra and also given video reviews which you can find on our YouTube channel. We have also created a beautiful landing page for you that contains customer feedback. You can use all of these to win trust of your audience.

⭐ Pro-Tip ⭐: Whenever you are redirecting to any of the resources on Astra’s website, any blog article, any guide, customer review landing page, comparison pages, course pages, or any other page starting with, make sure to append your unique affiliate code to the URL, any conversion made would then be tracked.

Eg. If you want your audience to read WordPress security guide (URL: and your unique affiliate code is “amazingaffiliate007” make sure to use the following URL to redirect your audience –

Astra Affiliate Hack #5: Share your Story!

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt


Was your site hacked? Did you face any security problem? If yes, share your personal story with your audience. Tell them how Astra helped you. Help your users avoid the same mistakes that you made.

⭐ Pro-Tip ⭐: If you are sharing your story on social media, make sure to tag Astra (here’s our FacebookTwitter & LinkedIn), this will ensure that our social heads get to know about your story and spread it even further. Also, use the #MyAstraStory in your posts for an added touch of coolness!

Astra Affiliate Hack #6: Wise with Weapons

As an Astra Affiliate, we have you covered at every step of this journey! Your affiliate dashboard is your greatest weapon. And we make sure that is it upto date always! Other than all the reporting, you get access to the “Assets” section. Here you will see amazing banners, images, videos, social media posts all ready to be used at a click of yours. You have the option to embed these in your website or share directly with your social media followers right from your dashboard.

Another amazing weapon in your armour is the exclusive 5% lifetime discount that your audience will get if they buy Astra using your link. This is a great motivator for your audience to buy using your link & enjoy the benefits that come along. This also builds a long lasting relationship between you and your audience and they are more likely to make future transaction through you.

Astra Affiliate Hack #7: Salary from Seal!

Yes, you heard that right. Now you can make money by embedding the Astra Seal with you own unique affiliate link to start earning handsome commissions. Follow this detailed two minute guide on how to embed the seal and start earning today!

Affiliate Marketing Hack #8: I'll be here for you!

As your partner in this mission of making web security simple, we are here to help at every step of the journey. Together we will make sure that the journey is a rewarding one! Write to us at for absolutely any help that you need from our end (or just say Hi! 😉) and we’ll be there for you, pinky promise!

For any other questions or queries, reach out to us at

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