Astra vs Sucuri

Top reasons why Astra is a better alternative to Sucuri


Zero Hassle With DNS

Pointing your servers to an external DNS can always be tricky. Apart from latency issues, DNS malfunctioning can cause all the websites using it go down with it making it single point of failure. Astra comes as a plugin for all CMSs & never becomes a single point of failure for its customers. Astra scales with your website.


Tailored To Your Tech Stack

One size fits all doesn't work with security. Astra is tailored to your CMS be it WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop, Codeigniter etc. This means, you get security tailored to your technology stack making security seamless & tightly coupled with your website's technology.


Security Audit

While firewall assures that website is protected in real time, Astra's security audit assessment assures that already written code is bug free. With the right mix of automated & even manual analysis Astra assures that all your website's vulnerabilities are uncovered.


On-Demand One-Click Cleanup

Astra's turbo malware cleanup engine powered by machine learning automatically detects & removes malware from your website. You can perform malware scan on-demand at your convenience.


Add Your Team

Have a developer overseas? Or multiple people in IT department? Add them all to your Astra dashboard just by a click of a button! No need to share your passwords with dozens of people.


Community Security

Hackers often end up causing disruption because they do not get the right channel to responsibly disclosure a vulnerability. Lend a friendly hand to developers by running your very own Bug Bounty program to reward hackers for finding vulnerabilities in your website. Completely managed by Astra experts.


Slack Integration

Let security come where you are! Hourly admin panel login summaries, daily reports and threat details all notified to your slack channel. Stay on top of the security status of your website via Astra's slack bot.

Get The Security You Deserve

Everything Security Under One Roof

  • Rock Solid Security
  • Intuitive & Informative Dashboard
  • 24X7 Real Human Support
  • Turbo Malware Removal
  • Community Powered
  • Tailored to Tech Stack

I’m convinced that it doesn’t get much better than Astra…


The team at Astra has been a pleasure to work with. They’re prompt, professional, and very accommodating to specific needs. If your business is conducted through an online store, do yourself a favor and contact Astra.

I highly recommend Astra to anyone running an online store, especially open source platforms like Magento, OpenCart, and others. It’s easier to stay ahead of your security, especially with the quality and cost of Astra.

Brett Coppolo

Rock solid security, amazing support

Super Secure My Business