Astra vs Malcare

Top reasons why Astra is a better alternative to Malcare


Solid Firewall & OWASP Top 10

Astra's hacker tested firewall protects your website against SQLi, XSS, LFI, RFI, Bad Bots & 100+ threats in real time. Apart from OWASP's top 10 threats found in websites, the firewall is tailored to protect against known CVE's & your CMS specific exploits. Community driven learning engine assures that threat from one IP is seen as a threat on entire community of our websites.


Adding Exception Rules

The biggest concern with firewalls is blocking of legitimate users - we understand that. Astra is made to assure security doesn't come at the cost of user experience. Whitelist URLs, GET, POST, Json etc by a click of a button & Astra won't scan those in the whitelisted list. The makes super simply for you to tailor Astra to custom code you might have written.


Country Blocking & IP Profiling

With Astra, you can block/whitelist a country from your website by just typing in the name of the country. Apart from blocking a country, you can block or whitelist IP ranges too. With every IP or IP Range you whitelist/block add your comment mentioning why you did it. Or have a developer overseas? Assign their name to their IP to make it easily identifiable.


Not Just WordPress

While WordPress might be the most popular technology out there, but businesses use other technologies too. In addition to WordPress, Astra is tailored to Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla etc. You don't have to worry about exploring a different solution because you're changing your technology, Astra will accompany you with whichever technology you migrate to.


Security Audit

While firewall assures that website is protected in real time, Astra's security audit assessment assures that already written code is bug free. With the right mix of automated & even manual analysis Astra assures that all your website's vulnerabilities are uncovered.


Community Security

Hackers often end up causing disruption because they do not get the right channel to responsibly disclosure a vulnerability. Lend a friendly hand to developers by running your own Bug Bounty program to reward hackers for finding vulnerabilities in your website. Completely managed by Astra experts.


Slack Integration

Let security come where you are! Hourly admin panel login summaries, daily reports and threat details all notified to your slack channel. Stay on top of the security status of your website via Astra's slack bot.

Get The Security You Deserve

Everything Security Under One Roof

  • Rock Solid Security
  • Intuitive & Informative Dashboard
  • 24X7 Real Human Support
  • Turbo Malware Removal
  • Community Powered
  • Tailored to Tech Stack

I’m convinced that it doesn’t get much better than Astra…


The team at Astra has been a pleasure to work with. They’re prompt, professional, and very accommodating to specific needs. If your business is conducted through an online store, do yourself a favor and contact Astra.

I highly recommend Astra to anyone running an online store, especially open source platforms like Magento, OpenCart, and others. It’s easier to stay ahead of your security, especially with the quality and cost of Astra.

Brett Coppolo

Rock solid security, amazing support

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