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Blocking IP Range Or Country in Prestashop Using Astra Security Addon

A common complaint of Prestashop owners have that their website is getting lots of attack or fake traffic from a particular IP or from a range of IP addresses. A second scenario can be that your customer base lie only in few countries but you get a lot of fake visitors & attacks from other locations. These people sometimes creates abandoned carts in your store which cause loss of revenue & other issues.

Blocking IP Range Or Country in Prestashop Using Astra Security AddonThere can ‘n’ number of scenarios possible where the only solution is to block those IPs or countries. Through Astra security addon you can do this job by doing few clicks from an easy to use dashboard. Apart from blocking IPs Astra firewall protect your Prestashop store in real time from attacks like XSS, SQLi, Bad Bots, SEO Spam, Malware & 100+other threats. You can start using Astra with as small as $9/month & enjoy rock solid security & peaceful sleep.

no hassle setup

No DNS change required. Install like you would install any other plugin

real human support

No more talking to dumb bots. Experience lightning fast real human support

Optimized for cms

Astra is optimized for WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel and anything PHP

Intuitive dashboard

Access security stats of all your websites with great visualization, all at one place

malware removal

Our security engineers quickly remove all the malware, blacklists, phishing, defacements, SEO spam & other issues from your website

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Offer your clients a fully managed Responsible Disclosure Program.

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