Astra saved my website from the dreaded Japanese SEO hack. Have used Astra for my website's security ever since & super happy to see dozens of attacks being stopped & the support I've received Ingrid Kjelling
Owner, IK Photography

Block Bad Bots & Fake Google or Bing Bots in Prestashop Using Astra Security Addon

Bad Bots or Fake Google/Bing Bots are one of the biggest concern for Prestashop store owners as they put heavy load on web server. These hacker controlled bots often pretend to be a search engine bot & try to hack your store or find vulnerabilities in it. Other malicious activities involve data scraping, content stealing, spamming your comment section which can affect your hardly earned SEO. .

Astra’s powerful Prestashop firewall protects your Prestashop store in real-time against bad bots. Astra firewall verifies each bot from Google’s server, so if a bot is claiming to be a Google bot Astra checks the bot’s IP with Google’s servers and only lets legit Google bots scan your website

no hassle setup

No DNS change required. Install like you would install any other plugin

real human support

No more talking to dumb bots. Experience lightning fast real human support

Optimized for cms

Astra is optimized for WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel and anything PHP

Intuitive dashboard

Access security stats of all your websites with great visualization, all at one place

malware removal

Our security engineers quickly remove all the malware, blacklists, phishing, defacements, SEO spam & other issues from your website

Community powered

Offer your clients a fully managed Responsible Disclosure Program.

Rock solid security, amazing support

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