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Merchandise Per Bug

At MeraEvents, we do our absolute best to ensure that our services are as secure as possible. Keeping up with the latest in cyber security can be a daunting task and new vulnerabilities can appear in new and old products.  We appreciate the community's efforts in creating a more secure world.

In the best interest of our customers and internet users, we ask you to follow the following if you have found security vulnerability in our website and mobile app:

  • Do not publicly disclose the vulnerability at any given time and situation
  • Do not disclose any part of the vulnerability publicly
  • The information of you finding the vulnerability in our portal cannot be disclosed publicly
  • Strictly adhere to the guidelines for responsible disclosure
  • Vulnerability found on our client website/App using MeraEvents’ API and Widgets falls under this responsible disclosure program. Such vulnerabilities should NOT be reported to the client, but to MeraEvents through the ‘Report a vulnerability’ section below

To be eligible for recognition, you must:

  • Be the first person to responsibly disclose the bug.
  • Report a bug that could compromise our users' private data, circumvent the system's protections, or enable access to a system within our infrastructure. Read the general guidelines for more details.



MeraEvents greatly appreciates your efforts in helping us make our offerings secure. Our deepest gratitude to the security researchers for working with us helps us ensure security of our products and services. Your legendary efforts won’t go waste; we’ll put your name on our ‘Hall of Fame’ page!

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