Using ASTRA Firewall

What is Login Protection on Astra Dashboard?

Astra has a strong login protection algorithm:- How it works is, if someone tries to login with the wrong credentials multiple times, their IP address is blocked.

  1. To access the Login Protection logs, navigate to “Login Protection” in your Astra dashboard. You will see the logs in a tabular format with columns like, “Login Time, IP, Username, Status, and Name of the Person”. In the ‘Status’ column, you will see three types of entries: Success, Stopped and Blocked.
  • Success: It indicates that the login was successful by the username and the IP specified in the table.
  • Stopped: It indicates that the user tried to login with invalid credentials and hence was stopped.
  • Blocked: It indicates that a user tried to login with invalid credentials 4-5 times, which has led to that particular address being blocked by our system.
  1. To see more info about each log, click on the green ‘+’ icon next to it. It will show details like “Country, Operating System (Apple / Windows), Browser and Login URL”.
  2. For every blocked user, you can verify the username from your end. If it’s a genuine customer, you can whitelist their IP by clicking on “Trust IP”. If you are not sure, click on “Block IP” to block it permanently. Astra already blocks suspected login attempts on your website. These buttons are additional controls for you.
  3. However, we do recommend verifying the credentials before doing anything with the Block IP/Trust IP.


I hope this Knowledgebase helped you in reviewing and managing logs of your website.

In case of queries, reach out to us via the support tab in your dashboard. We’ll be happy to help 🙂


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