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Website’s Performance with Astra

It’s natural to think that a security system would slow your website down or would hamper customer experience. We understand this at Astra, rather are a firm believer of the fact that security should never come in between user experience. Astra has been built with this in mind.

Astra does not effect your website’s performance, rather:

  • We did an in-depth benchmarking of websites not running Astra & then running Astra using industry standard environment. What we found was that Astra adds a delay of as low as 0.0023 seconds or even less!
  • Astra has been tailored to all major tech stacks to optimize its functioning. In addition, since Astra does all the checking on your server itself – this means that there almost no requests to our servers making the entire security process lightening fast

Feel free to start using Astra without worrying about any delay, websites getting a million+ hits every day use Astra without any performance problems.


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