Getting Started

How to Install Astra from the WordPress Plugins Directory?

Installing Astra on WordPress is a minute’s affair. Follow these steps to install Astra effortlessly:

Step 1

Navigate to Plugins>Add New in your WordPress admin panel. Install the ‘Astra Security‘ Plugin from there.

Step 2

Go to the installed plugins section and ‘Activate‘ the Astra Security plugin.

Step 3

Astra‘ will render in the bottom left corner of your admin panel. Click on ASTRA. It would look like the following picture. If you are already a customer, click on the ‘Connect to Astra’ option. If you are a new customer, follow the steps shown there.


Step 4

On clicking the ‘Connect to Astra‘ button, you will be taken to the Astra dashboard. Click on ‘Install‘ there and you are done.

Step 5

The final setup would look something like this.

And the WordPress backend would look like this –

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