How to troubleshoot Astra while Installation?

You can follow these simple steps to troubleshoot Astra’s installation on your website.

1) Selecting the Wrong Package

Astra package is customized for every CMS. When installing astra on a website, if a package of one CMS technology is downloaded and if you are trying to install on other CMS it is incorrect.

Solution: In the Astra install flow when asked what technology is used on your site as shown in the image below, download the package and follow the installation steps as mentioned.

2) Missing pdo_sqlite module

If the pdo_sqlite module is not present on your website then Astra will show the mentioned errors.

  • Please install pdo_sqlite extension
  • Astra installation failed


  • It is recommended to have the pdo_sqlite module installed on the website to avoid any Astra related errors. To install follow these simple steps.
  • To verify if you have pdo_sqlite installed on your server, you can follow these simple steps.

3) Giving an invalid URL while adding a new website

A Valid URL is a URL which is can be pinged, which is currently in an active state and doesn’t throw 404/403/500 HTTP errors. Sometimes when you are adding a new website you might add a URL that is not valid. For example, you should not use:


Solution: It is recommended to add a valid URL before proceeding to install Astra on your website. Please make sure your URLs begin with your domain name. For example, you should use:


4) Error while migrating

When you are migrating your website to the new server and if Astra package is not in the root folder, along with .user.ini or .htaccess, similar to the old host, visiting the URL: <<website name>>/astra/api.php will give a 404 error.

Solution: If the Astra package is in the root folder, along with .user.ini or .htaccess, then it should the same way on the root for the new host too. Once migrated, visit the URL: <<website name>>/astra/api.php and it should not return 404 error.

5) Don’t unzip the .zip file before uploading

Once you download the .zip file from the installation steps page of PHP/other CMS, the downloaded .zip file should not be extracted before uploading.

Solution: It is recommended to upload the .zip file as it is without unzipping.


In case of any further queries, you can reach out to us through the support tab in your dashboard. We’ll be happy to help! 🙂

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