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How to Ignore Files From Being Scanned?

If Astra finds any problems after scanning your website, it will display them under the ‘Malware Scan’ tab in your Astra dashboard.  Each issue reported will have details of the problem found and what you would have to do regarding it. If you choose not to scan a file in subsequent malware scans, you can ‘ignore’ the file. You can do this by following these steps:

Step 1

Login to your Astra Dashboard and navigate to the Malware Scan tab for your website.

Step 2

Scroll down to the ‘Scan Results‘ section where you will see all the problems found after the scan. Click on the green ‘+’ icon next to the file/issue which you would like to ignore. The issue details would now be visible.

Step 3

In this screen you will see two options to ignore the issue/file. Based on your requirement, you can choose to:

Ignore Scanning Until Changed – only scans the file if it has changed since the time it was ignored. If the file does not change, it will not be flagged in the Astra Malware Scanner.

Never Scan this File – completely ignore the file from subsequent scans. The file will not be flagged ever again, even if the file content changes or the file is suspected to have malware.


Step 4

Once you have ‘ignored’ the file from the above steps, the issue would be moved to the “Ignored Files” tab as you can see below.

If you would like to restart scanning for a file, navigate to the “Ignored Files” tab and click on the green “+” sign next to the file. Then, click on the “Restart tracking for file” button.



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