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How does Astra’s pricing work – Per domain or server

We charge per FQDN – Fully Qualified Domain Name. When using Content Management Systems (CMS), a website is defined as a unique CMS installation. If a FQDN is linked with a sub-directory, it will require it’s own license.

In case you own multiple domains & they points towards a single CMS installation, you need single Astra license to secure them. You can add any one domain while signing up & action that you take (say whitelisting or blocking an IP or country) will be implemented on all the domains.

For example

  1. runs a Magento Store and runs a WordPress blog, you would need two unique licenses. Similarly, every sub-domain will require a unique license.
  2. & points towards a single WordPress installation, you need one Astra license to secure both the domains.

We offer amazing discount if you require multiple licenses or want to protect the entire server. Please get in touch via our website chat or email if you’ll be interested in securing your complete server

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