How Can You Change Domain in Astra?

Do you regret adding a website in your Astra dashboard? No worries! With this new ‘Change Domain’ feature, you can delete the current website and use the license for some other website. The new website can be added after a cooling period of 60-days. That is, you can add a new domain on & onwards the 60th day from the license’s activation.


  1. If the website you just removed from Astra had been running Astra for 60-days or more, then you will be able to add the new website immediately.  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the 60-days complete since the last website was added.
  2. If you are an Astra customer that got Astra under a special plan or bundled through a partner (hosting, agency, offer, etc) then you might not see the change/delete domain button. In such a case, we recommend you to reach out to the partner before reaching out to us as this will be possible through them only.

Here is how you can go about the whole process:

  1. Step 1: Login your Astra dashboard and go to Settings. You will see the change icon there:
  2. Step 2. Click on the icon and a window will pop up. Type “DELETE” in uppercase and enter to delete the current website.
  3. Step 3. Your license will be freed and can be availed for another website after a 60-day cooling period. Here is how your free license will show in your dashboard.


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