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When Astra & you collaborate, you win!

Now you can easily manage security for all your clients from a single dashboard. As an Astra agency, you get access to following amazing features –

Sharing dashboard with clients

Make sure your clients are up to date with all the attacks that you are protecting them from. To give dashboard access to clients, follow this simple guide.



Your clients should know that you are a security conscious agency and that you care about their security. Add your logo to their dashboard so that every time they see attacks being stopped, they thank you! To add your logo on your client’s dashboard –

  1. Click on the my account tab in the top bar.

  2. Go to Agency tab on the my account page.

  3. Add your Agency logo URL and click on Upload. Now, your logo has been uploaded.
  4. Go to any of your client’s dashboard and you’ll be able to see your logo in the white bar at the top.


Space on Website

Why just your clients, the world should know that you are a security conscious agency. Send us your logo (200X70 px recommended) and a line about your agency at and we’ll be happy to feature you as our partner agency.


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