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Fine Tuning Astra to Your Website

You’ve just installed Astra? Welcome on-board! 🙂

In some cases, where a lot of custom code has been written or some plugins which aren’t out of the box identified by our system there could be some conflict with the firewall system. This is not common & only happens in cases where some URLs or GET/POST parameters have special characters which are often used by attackers.  While other security solutions will require you to raise support requests & have a long procedure to deal with such situations, we’ve made the entire process very intuitive. Something that can be done with a few clicks.

Fine tuning Astra to your website is super simple & only takes 3-5 minutes of your time. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Turn on Monitoring Mode: Go to your ‘Settings’ page in Astra dashboard and switch on monitoring mode. In monitoring mode threats are logged but not blocked. Monitoring mode means that the firewall will work as it does but won’t block any possible threat, just log them and display them in the ‘Threats’ table
  2. A Complete Walkthrough of Your Website: Now with monitoring mode on, simply visit your website and test it’s complete functionality. After testing one major functionality, visit your Threats page in Astra dashboard and if you see something as an attack on threats page but in reality isn’t, you can simply whitelist the GET.attackparameter or URL by clicking the correct buttons below the attack:Once you’ve done a complete walkthrough of your website and whitelisted correct GET/POST parameters & URLs by clicking the relevant buttons – you’re done!
  3. Switch Back to Blocking Mode: Now that you’ve fine tuned Astra to your website, simply head to ‘Settings’ page & change Astra Mode to ‘Blocking’ from monitoring. You should be good now 🙂

If you would like our engineers to do this for you, simply put your website in monitoring mode (as explained in Step 1) & raise a support request from your dashboard & we’ll be happy to assist.

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