Security Audit - FAQ

Clicking on security audit tab shows me a login screen

security audit astra

If you click on the ‘Security Audit’ tab and are shown a login screen, then this could mean two things:

  1. You’ve not taken our security audit: This tab is only available to customers who’s subscribed to our security audit under which we perform an in-depth vulnerability assessment of the website. If you want our engineers to perform an in-depth vulnerability assessment on your website you can subscribe to the security audit here.
  2. There are no vulnerabilities for you yet: If you opted in for our security audit while signing-up and you still see a login screen it means that our security experts are performing a security audit on your website and soon you’ll see the report. You can reach out to us via chat or ‘support’ tab so that you can directly sign-in to the security audit without having to sign-in again.

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