Getting Started

Astra’s Slack Integration

With Astra’s Slack integration you bring security to where you team is. Get access to all important security updates from your Astra dashboard within your Slack.

How to Integrated Astra with Slack

Slack Integration with Astra Security

  1. Log into your Astra dashboard & head to ‘Settings’ page
  2. Find the option ‘Enable Slack Notifications’ option on settings pageAstra Slack Integration Security tool
  3. Switch the toggle button on & authorize the appSecurity App Slack
  4. Once you’ve authorized you can select which communication you want from Astra dashboard to Slack and also put a limit to the number of notifications you get every hour or every day!

You’re done!

Also, you can choose to receive daily threat reports on your email. We send email reports from Please whitelist this email address in your mailbox so that it does not go to spam.

If you have any questions feel free to raise a support ticket from Astra dashboard.

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