Adding Client to Dashboard

Now that you’ve secured your clients, don’t you want them to see how their website is being protected from tons of attacks (all thanks to their security conscious agency, yes you!)

You can add your clients to their website’s dashboard without sharing the login credentials with them. There are two ways to go about it –

  1. You install Astra in clients website and then add them as a collaborator. See this guide to add your client to their website dashboard.
  2. You want your client to install Astra on their website. 
    • Click on the ‘+’ icon to add additional websites. Add the website URL and select any of the available plans. If you don’t have any available plans, you will be taken to the shop where you can purchase additional plans.

    • After selecting the plan, you will be asked if you want the client to install Astra. Click ‘Yes’ and then add the client’s email address. Your client would receive an email with the instructions to log-in. They can log in and continue with the Astra installation. You will still see the website in your dashboard so you can assist them anytime if they are stuck 🙂


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