Getting Started

Adding a Team Member to Astra

You have multiple people in your team? Or IT department/developer that works remotely? It’s super simple to add multiple team members to Astra! Here’s how you add team members to Astra dashboard:

  • Log into your Astra dashboard
  • Head over to ‘Settings’ page
  • Reach the option that says ‘Add a Team Member’
    Adding Team Member to Astra dashboard
  • Simply add the email of your colleague & a note if you want to telling them that you’re inviting them to your Astra dashboardAdding Team Member to Astra dashboard2
  • You team member will receive an email which will quickly help them setup their Astra account

    Adding colleague to Astra dashboard

Revoking Access of a Team Member

If you want to revoke access of a user from Astra dashboard, you can simply go to the ‘Add a Team Member’ section on the settings page and click on the ‘Revoke’ button next to the person’s email:

Revoking access of team member Astra firewall

P.S. Currently, adding a team members if only available for Pro & Business plan customers.

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