Security Audit / VAPT

Do I need to make an upfront payment?

Yes, a security audit is an in-depth exercise that requires hours of effort of human & technology resources. That’s why an upfront payment is expected.

Can I request a re-scan to check if the vulnerability is patched or not?

Definitely, once you’ve fixed the vulnerabilities you can request a scan simply by clicking a button on your dashboard. Following which, our engineers are notified and they plan a re-scan.

If you are a business plan customer, you get a re-scan every month. If you’ve opted for a security audit separately then one re-scan is available to you.

Does the security audit/VAPT work only on certain technology?

Not at all, the security audit and VAPT are agnostic of the technology stack and work well on all websites.

Till what time I can ask for assistance for fixing?

You start seeing vulnerabilities reported by us from the day testing is started. You can ask for support in fixing the vulnerabilities for 30-days, starting from the day our engineers finish testing. During these 30 days, our engineers will be available to work with you or your developers and assist them in fixing bugs via the comment system of our dashboard. At any point, if the engineers feel that there is a need for a chat, they’ll be happy to talk to you over a chat too.

Do you work with our developer in patching the vulnerabilities?

Yes, for sure. We assist your developers in fixing the vulnerabilities reported. Your developer can comment under each vulnerability if they have any questions regarding the fixation process.

Do you perform Android/iOS app testing?

Definitely, we test mobile apps too. You can learn more about them here 

How much time does it take to perform the complete security audit?

The security audit is started within 24-hours of your signing-up on a working day. You start seeing vulnerabilities on your dashboard once the audit begins & a final report can be expected within 4-7 days. The turnaround time can be a function of how big the website is.

I want to have a monthly security audit of my website. Which plan should I choose?

Business Plan should be good for you as it comes with monthly security audits.