Malware Cleanup

How long does it take to clean my website?

Our engineers start the cleanup process just as you enter your website details in your Astra dashboard. Usually, the cleanup takes 3-6 hours. The time depends on the amount of infection on your website.

After you sign-up, you receive an email from an engineer who is in-charge of your website. It is recommended to ask them about a better estimate after they’ve spent some time working on your website.

We understand that any downtime to your website means a loss to your business. That’s why we try to be super fast with the cleanup and rely on automation to make sure that your website is up & running again.

Can I sign-up for a monthly plan if my website is infected?

Hacks are bad! So sorry that your website got hacked :-/

If you already aren’t an Astra customer and your website is hacker/infected with malware then you would have to start with an yearly commitment. The main reason for this is because hack removal requires considerable efforts from our team. Since our team puts a few ours in the cleanup process, an yearly commitment is expected.

If already are an Astra customer who has been using Astra for more than 2-months, then all you have to do is contact our support and they’ll clean your website for you. You won’t have to upgrade to an yearly plan.