WordPress is one of the most popular content management system on the net today powering around 30.3 percent top websites. Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular plugins of WordPress with more than 5 million installations presently. A recent vulnerability has been discovered in the contact form which has been reported by Simon Scannell a german security researcher working at RIPS technologies.

Privilege Escalation in Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering. Contact Form 7 has suffered a number of vulnerabilities in the past which includes CVE 2018-9035 (CSV formula injection), CVE 2014-6445 (XSS) etc. This time Contact Form 7 v5.0.3 and older versions are affected by a privilege escalation vulnerability. This is most likely because of not specifying the capability_type argument explicitly.

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Reason for Privilege Escalation

Capability_type argument is a string which is used to build the read, edit, and delete capabilities. The 'capability_type' parameter is used as a base to construct capabilities unless they are explicitly set with the 'capabilities' parameter. Since the disclosure of vulnerability the author has specified the capability_type explicitly in the register_post_type() to fix the issue.

WordPress allows multiple user roles as contributors, editors, subscribers, authors etc. Due to this vulnerability a user logged in as a contributor can edit the content form, a feature which is presently the privilege of editors and admins only. This vulnerability is more severe than it seems because of the two features of the contact form 7:

  1. Contact Form 7 allowed absolute file path i.e. /host/home/somefile.pdf. Thus with the ability to edit the form the attacker could access files outside wp-content.
  2. ‘Filetypes’: A non privileged user can tweak the feature filetypes i.e. (filetypes: gif|png|jpg|jpeg) to include files like .php, .asp etc. i.e (filetypes: php|asp) and obtain reverse shells.

Possible Consequences of Privilege Escalation in Contact Form 7

Thus the attacker can put the file type of his choice in the wp-contents directory and obtain a reverse shell paving way for further attacks. As a temporary solution, Takayuki Miyoshi the author of this plugin has disallowed file path that refers to a file placed outside the wp-content directory. Many users have started to complain about file attachment errors on the support forum of contact form-7. To stay secure update to the latest version and Move your files to <your WordPress root>/wp-content/ and replace the line in the File Attachments fields accordingly.

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