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Cecilia Sagote

Astra has been a great addition to my website. It has maintained the utmost level of security with great ease of use. The team has been a delight to work with and I would strongly recommend!
Cecilia Sagote, Suga Magazine

About Suga Magazine Online

Cecilia Sagote is the founder of Suga Magazine, the most loved magazine for Pacific & Samoan community. After being an instant hit as an offline magazine, Suga was soon launched for online community in 2013.

Today, Suga Magazine has a huge global readership and a massive social media following. Working with some top brand advertisers Suga has enjoyed the top spot in its genre. Its loyal followers and ever growing online viewership make Suga's online presence more important each passing day.

The Suga Magazine Use Case

Suga Magazine gets thousands of readers every day. Every minute some user around the world is reading the articles on the blog or downloading the latest edition of magazine. This means that any downtime to website means loss of business and reputation. All alarms went off when users started tweeting and writing to Cecilia telling her that Suga's website was down. Suga's technical team could not comprehend what went wrong as everything looked right on the analysis of infrastructure of the website. They suspected that someone might have hacked the website. Cecilia wrote to us and we took charge of the situation from there.

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Astra Secured WordPress website of

Suga's Requirements

  • Quick malware cleanup and restore the magazine online ASAP
  • Analysis of how the WordPress website got hacked
  • A solution that will ensure continued security of website
  • Security solution that won't slow down their site or effect user experience
  • Something that even website's non-tech administrators could use

We understood that with every passing minute, a user of Suga would be getting disappointed. With top priority, our security team started working within 15 minutes of Cecilia contacting us. An attacker had injected malicious Base64 encoded code into Suga's core Wordpress files. A backdoor was found communicating with servers in Ukraine. We identified the all the instances of malicious code and removed it. In addition, all the areas from where such code could be injected into the website were sanitized. To ensure round-the-clock real time protection ASTRA was deployed on the Suga website.

Results & Benefits

Astra has become the gatekeeper of Suga Magazine now. Stopping bots, malware and threats like SQLi, XSS, LFI in real-time. The tech-team feels a lot at ease with Astra deployed!

The key benefits which according to Suga Magazine's CEO:

More Relevant Traffic - With Astra deployed, bad traffic doesn't hit the website at all. This has helped in achieving better search engine rankings too

Easy to Use - Astra was very easy to deploy and always keeps us on top of the security status of the website. Daily reports by Astra keep us informed about daily security status of our website

Peace of Mind - After knowing how it feels to be hacked, we are so much at peace knowing that Astra is taking care of our website's security

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