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About Envent Digital Technologies

Siddharth Sharma is the Co-founder of Envent Digital Technologies, a digital agency having dozens of customers globally. Envent works with some top brands to improve their user experience & increase customer reach.

Apart from helping companies become brands, Envent also has its businesses in a number of industries. These companies are directly user-facing and deal with customer sign-ups and payments directly on the website.

The Envent Use Case

Siddharth reached out to us in a situation where no business owner wants to be. Envent's web infrastructure was being targeted by hackers continuously. As a result, Envent's customer was also facing inconvenience. On experiencing hack attempts, Siddharth's natural response was to contact the hosting company and ask for help. After a few calls, hosting company turned their backs towards the situation. After a few Google searches, Siddharth reached out to us.

Astra Secured Laravel & Woocommerce portals of Envent

Envent's Requirements

  • Neutralising hackers & closing doors for potential harm
  • Securing their company website with Astra
  • Deployment of Astra on their customer's websites
  • Single dashboard to see security status of all client websites
  • Customization of Astra for their Laravel portal

After a quick call with the Envent team, we took charge of the situation. The first step was to close the open ports from where attackers were trying to chock the network. One of our team deployed Astra on one of Envent's client websites running on WordPress. Another application using Laravel had custom development for which we added a few exceptions in Astra's panel. Astra started recording the attacks and automatically blocking the malicious IPs. For initial few days Astra for put in 'high' mode. After it was pressed into service, Astra has been put on 'Medium' mode.

Results & Benefits

Astra has now become an integral part of Envent's offering. With every customer Envent signs-up, Astra is deployed on their website and Envent's team gets to see everything under one single dashboard.

The key benefits which according to Suga Magazine's CEO:

Easy Management - Having multiple websites running on Astra and seeing data from all the websites in one dashbard saves a lot of time.

Value Add to Customers - Now Envent proudly tells each of their customers that they are always protected against hackers, bots & threats.

Amazing Support - Siddharth values support a lot. Being able to directly talk to engineers & get customizations done gives him sense of reliability.

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