[Lesson 10] How And Why Use A Web Application Firewall?

Being a webmaster, you have to take care of numerous aspects of your website. And, if you are running an online business then there are furthermore things to occupy your mind. From design to development, to marketing, to management, clearly you have enough on your plate.

This lack of time & attention makes it hard to look after your website’s security 24*7. No doubt, it is the most overlooked aspect. But, what if you could deploy someone or something to look after your website twenty-four seven? A firewall the best utility to do that.

How does a firewall help?

A firewall makes web security easier for you. It is nothing but a continuous monitoring system for your website. It guards your website by filtering good traffic from bad traffic. In fact, a firewall like Astra’s also identifies the hacker from past behavior and automatically blocks them. It blocks notorious IP addresses and discourages possible attacks.

Here are the distinct features of the Astra firewall:

Step 1. Filtering good traffic from bad traffic and blocking unwanted web traffic.

Step 2. Blocking coming threats like SQLi, brute force attacks, CSRF, DDoS attacks, LFI, RFI, Cross-site scripting, bad bots, Spam, and other zero-day exploits

Step 3. Apart from being intuitive, it is also an intelligent firewall for detecting patterns of attacks and configure itself for the next attack.

Step 4. The Astra firewall is also a great way to block/whitelist IP addresses.

Step 5. Further, Astra’s WAF also enhances speed and performance on a website.

Speed and security are two desirable aspects of website security and a firewall improves both. Moreover, in this growing age of online threats and attacks, a firewall is a must.

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