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All You Need to Know About Android App Vulnerability: Insufficient Cryptography

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has listed Insufficient Cryptography as the fifth most exploited risk in mobile applications. Insufficient Cryptography or insecure usage of cryptography is a common vulnerability in mobile apps that leverage encryption. Due to weak encryption algorithms or flaws within the encryption process, the potential hacker is able to return the encrypted code or sensitive data to its…

All You Need to Know About Android App Vulnerability: Improper Platform Usage

The Android App Vulnerability "Improper Platform Usage" is listed on the Owasp List of top 10 mobile vulnerabilities. It refers to misuse of a platform's feature or failure to use platform security controls. It includes Android intents, platform permissions, misuse of TouchID, the Keychain, or some other security control that is part of the mobile operating system. The vulnerability in this…

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