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WhiteHat Security Audit – 5 Ways It Can Improve Your Business

Updated on: August 22, 2022

WhiteHat Security Audit – 5 Ways It Can Improve Your Business

A whitehat security audit is gaining popularity in recent years because of the exponential increase in the number of security breaches that have caused multi-million losses to businesses. A whitehat security audit is essential as it can help prevent such losses by exposing the security risks in your websites or applications.

What is a WhiteHat Security Audit?

Unlike black hat hackers, who have malicious intentions, whitehat hackers are ethical hackers; they expertise in finding vulnerabilities in the website and networks. You essentially authorize them to test and report their findings to you so that you can protect your website or application from black hat hackers exploiting the vulnerabilities for malicious purposes.

Also, whitehat application testing is a security practice that attempts to simulate an attack on websites and applications to uncover the vulnerabilities that are in danger of being exploited so as to secure the applications from any external threats.

How is a WhiteHat Security Audit conducted?

While the security audit process may be different depending on the business conducting the testing, here are a few commonly followed approaches:

  1. Static Application Security Testing (SAST): Also known as Source Code Analysis, this process analyzes the source code of the application to identify security flaws.
  2. Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST): This is the behavioral analysis of the application, i.e., testing for the vulnerabilities when an application is operating. It allows the security professionals to act as WhiteHat hackers to expose the vulnerabilities in the application before bad actors exploit those flaws.
  3. Software Composition Analysis (SCA): This is the analysis of the applications for third parties, open-source. It is implemented to identify outdated code and vulnerabilities to secure the applications. It helps to look for vulnerabilities throughout the entire DevOps process.

Other common processes that may be included are:

  1. Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST): This combines the advantages of both Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST).
  2. Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP): This is designed to detect attacks on an application in real-time. It is a server technology that pitches in when an application is running.

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How can conducting a WhiteHat Security Audit help your business?

Rapid development at the cost of security has led to many breaches in recent years. According to reports, in the last half-year of 2018 alone, security breaches affected more than a million customers whose personal information got exposed. Most of these breaches have taken place due to a lack of poor security in the applications.

A whitehat security audit can help your business combat these attacks. It can help merge security testing during the DevOps process so that any security flaws are taken care of at an earlier stage. This will save organizations and consumers from the high risks that come with vulnerable applications or websites.

Here are some of the advantages of getting a whitehat security audit:

1. Identification of vulnerabilities

A whitehat security audit can help in the early detection of vulnerabilities, and therefore help in mitigating them before they are exploited by black hat hackers.

2. Gaining your users’ confidence

If your website it regularly audited, your users are more confident using your applications and services.

3. Maintaining your reputation

Your business’s reputation is maintained by regular security audits, as they help advance your security defences.

4. Compliance Enablement

You’re less likely to get compliance penalty notices if your website or application is audited regularly for vulnerabilities.

5. Increasing Traffic

An additional number of users might be interested to use your services and offerings as a result of strong security measures enforced on your application.

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What makes professional whitehat security audits popular?

It’s always better to hire professional whitehat security auditors who are experts in providing attention to every minute detail leading to a security breach because a thorough security audit requires expertise. Most security auditors also help resolve the issues and vulnerabilities they find.

Astra’s Security Audit helps expose vulnerabilities in your application with the right mix of automated and manual security testing. Our audits help manage bugs and remediate them under one unified platform. Our services cover all major security standards around the globe including OWASP, SANS, PCI, and ISO27001. Astra provides the most comprehensive security audits that consist of Business Logic Testing, Payment Manipulation Testing, Server Infrastructure Testing & DevOps, Network Devices Configuration, Testing for Known CVEs, Assistance in Patching Security Vulnerabilities, Static & Dynamic Code Analysis and more.

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Astra’s VAPT dashboard


As cyber attacks are growing more and more popular, white hat security audits are also gaining popularity. It’s a great idea to get your application or website audited as it can help advance your security measures by exposing any vulnerabilities.

Shikhil Sharma

Shikhil Sharma is the founder & CEO of Astra Security. Being involved with cybersecurity for over six years now, his vision is to make cyber security a 5-minute affair. Shikhil plays on the line between security and marketing. When not thinking about how to make Astra super simple, Shikhil can be found enjoying alternative rock or a game of football. Astra Security has been rewarded at Global Conference on Cyber Security by PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi. French President Mr. François Hollande also rewarded Astra under the La French Tech program. Astra Security is also a NASSCOM Emerge 50 company.
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