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PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), might be an old coding language but it still is crowned with the title of being the most popular one. The A-listed companies that use PHP as its language include Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Laravel, Opencart, Drupal amongst the many others. But as it goes, popularity accompanies threats. And PHP is no exception. In fact, no coding language is protected against hacking but the recent trail of PHP based CMS(s) being attacked one after the other is a matter to be pondered upon. The best way you can have these attacks checked is by using a PHP Firewall.

In this article, we will talk about the various features an efficient PHP Firewall should have. And the things it should get done.

PHP Firewall Stops Threats And Vulnerabilities

PHP languages are vulnerable to Session Hijacking, Remote Code Execution, File System Attacks in addition to the contemporary attacks like SQLi, cross-site scripting(XSS), CSRF (cross-site request forgery) & bad bots. As mentioned earlier, PHP is a hot target for hackers. They hunt constantly for an unpatched vulnerability to exploit. It’s quite evident by the series of plugin exploits in PHP powered CMS, protection methods have to be improved as soon as possible.

The methods which work best in securing PHP based sites are a real-time PHP firewall, a thorough and periodical PHP security audits, a nuanced Penetration testing.

Features of Astra PHP Firewall Plugin

Astra Web Security has come up with the solution to guard you against these coming attacks on PHP. Broadly Astra offers PHP Malware Cleanup, Web Application Firewall, PHP Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing in addition to various other offerings. It promises to protect your website without any ifs & buts.

Followings are the feature of Astra’s PHP Firewall:

Astra Intuitive Dashboard

  • Astra’s dashboard is known for its easy navigation and non-complex structure.
  • It provides Threat analytics, Information about threat origin country, browser, device, etc.
  • Facility of Trusting or Blocking IPs / IP ranges Countries
  • Provides admin area login summary every hour
  • Facility of Whitelisting or Blacklisting GET/POST/URLS
  • Available in all major languages

Blacklist Monitoring by PHP Firewall

  • 60+ engines monitored every day
  • Daily search engine monitoring for blacklists
  • Phishing monitoring
  • Immediate alerts & action if a website is found to be flagged

PHP Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • Robust community-powered security engine
  • Real-time SQLi, XSS, LFI & 100+ threats protection
  • Malware scanning & removal
  • Facility of blocking Bad bots, Country, IP range, automated vulnerability scanners, Fake search engine bots
  • Malicious file upload prevention
  • Admin login activity logging
  • Admin brute force protection
  • File Injection/Webshell protection
  • Code Injection protection
  • Directory traversal protection
  • Automatic blocking of known hackers
  • Layer 7 DDoS protection
  • Smart honeypot system to trap hackers
  • Rate limit web requests
  • Automatic spam blocking
  • Content stealing & scraping prevention
  • Htaccess security
  • No latency (Our security engine runs on your server & only takes 0.002s to detect threats)

PHP Malware Scanner & Hack Removal

  • Website Anti-virus & Anti-malware engine
  • Fixing SEO spam / SEO poisoning (Japanese, Pharma or Gibberish hack), website redirect hack, admin panel hack
  • Fixing Credit Card or Payment Checkout Page hack
  • Fixing defaced websites
  • Backdoor removal
  • Database security
Malware Scanner

PHP Penetration Testing

  • Manual + Automated Website Security Audit
  • Static & Dynamic Code Analysis
  • Black box & White box testing
  • OWASP Top Ten and SANS Top 25 testing
  • OWASP Recommended 80+ security tests
  • Testing for Business Logic issues
  • Broken Authentication & Authorization tests
  • Testing for Price Manipulation issues and Payment Gateway flaws
  • An in-depth map of your web application and workflow, along with specific test-cases for them are created by our experts

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Human Support

  • 24 × 7 × 365 days chat & email support
  • Astra’s live human support is known to go the extra mile to bring a smile.

Community Security

  • Giving hackers a friendly channel to report any vulnerability in your website
  • Every vulnerability reported by hackers validated by our security experts and only valid submissions reach you
  • Under the program policy, hackers do not make any bug of your website public.

Astra’s Security Seal

  • Shows you are a security conscious company
  • Your customers feel more confident in sharing their personal information
  • Leads to less shopping cart abandonment
  • More conversions on the website
Astra’s Security Seal

Pricing: Astra PHP Firewall & Hack Removal Plugin

All these features by Astra can be availed by paying on budget. It basically has three plans namely, essential, pro & business.

The pricing structure is another good thing about Astra. Its plans start as low as

  • $9/month billed annually for the essential plan,
  • $19/month billed annually for the pro plan and
  • $119/month billed annually for the business plan.

Check the full information about the plans here.

Pricing in Astra

Other perks of using Astra

Well, this is not quite the end, using Astra has other perks attached to it.

  • Authority – Astra’s seal help in building trustworthiness amongst your prospective and current customers. Your company will have lesser shopping cart abandonment and an increased conversion rate. This is further corroborated by the fact that businesses having Astra’s security seal reported experiencing a 9.7% increase in their sales.
  • Productivity – We want you to focus on your business while we take care of the rest. With Astra, your business experiences lesser glitches and hence improved fluency.
Happy customers worldwide

The necessity of a PHP Firewall

PHP, maybe old but it is the go-to language when it comes to coding. And at the same time the most attacked. If you run a PHP based website, it is only prudent to have it secured by a PHP firewall and a PHP hack removal plugin like Astra’s.

With Astra Annual Pro & Monthly Business plan we take complete responsibility of your website security throughout the year. If something goes south within a year we will fix it for free, no questions asked.

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