Astra Partner Program: Building a secure Internet with Agencies Like Yours

Updated on: March 29, 2020

Astra Partner Program:  Building a secure Internet with Agencies Like Yours

Web development agencies are best at web development (no points for guessing that). The development team there needs to be on the top of the latest design trends, the best development life cycles and numerous other things. The strict deadlines, changing client requirements and many other constraints make it hard to focus on the development itself, let alone thinking about other things. One such ‘other’ thing being security. And one should never ignore this. Attackers discover hundreds of new vulnerabilities and launch thousands of attacks every day. Business small and large face a huge threat.

Development companies put-in great effort to build amazing websites, all is merry at the time of launch. Satisfied clients, happy developers, oh my god this looks like heaven! Exit door to heaven comes in the form of an attack. Whenever the client’s website is under attack, their first point of contact is the development agency. And security not being the forte of the agency (and understandably so), they lack the relevant resources to handle situations like these. No satisfied clients, no happy developers, no more heaven!

We are here to help!

We want development agencies to stay productive and focus on developing great websites without worrying about security. We are experts at securing the websites you develop. Don’t worry, now you’ll always look super cool in front of your clients. Oh, and before I go ahead and tell about the features, did I mention that this would also create an additional revenue stream for the agency?

What’s in the package?

Astra security suite offers an intelligent Web Application Firewall, Hack/Malware clean-up, and security audit services. We partner with agencies and deliver all these features to their clients. You get an interface where you can manage all your client dashboards and your clients get a nice, intuitive dashboard where they can see Astra in action. The dashboard contains a bird’s-eye view, drill down of attacks stopped, attacker profile, most attacked areas of the website & login activity. The setup is effortless and the support is amazing.

Take a Demo now!

You mentioned something about the revenue…

Yes, I did. Thanks for the reminder ?

Once you sign-up as a partner, based on the number of licenses, you’ll fall into either of the following three categories – Lieutenant, Captain and Major. Each category has a defined revenue sharing percentage and other hosts of benefits.

This sounds amazing, how do I start?

To make Astra your ultimate security partner, you just need to write to us at or fill the form here and one of our account managers would get back to you within 24 hours.

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Ujwal Ratra

Ujwal manages the Partnership Program at Astra.

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