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7 Best WooCommerce Themes for Your E-commerce Store

Updated on: April 6, 2024

7 Best WooCommerce Themes for Your E-commerce Store

Do you want to create an eCommerce store?

In that case, WooCommerce (WC) is an outstanding option for you. It creates unique solutions for professionals invested in web commerce when combined with the open-source nature of WordPress (WP).

After sorting the smooth operations of your WC store, you might look to make it aesthetically pleasing. Well, there are tons of WooCommerce themes that propose to transform your web store into an attractive masterpiece that ever existed in the history of e-commerce stores. However, sometimes these claims are just in vain.

Several WP themes have received criticism for being obstructive with website functionalities. Some are not good from an SEO standpoint. Some make your website terribly slow. And nulled themes may come pre-installed with malware!

It is extremely important to make a careful selection.

To help you in making an informed selection, we went through a plethora of good WooCommerce themes and picked out the 7 great ones for you in this blog post.

These 7 WooCoomerce themes have been the top choice of eCommerce professionals quite consistently. So selecting one of them for your online shop wouldn’t be such a bad idea. We’ll quickly go over the 7 best WooCommerce themes highlighting their most distinctive features and pros in a list.

The themes’ ordering is not relevant; we just gathered 7 top themes and put them together in random order. If you’re not looking to get bogged down with various set-up details, then you should limit yourself to the options we mention here. So, let’s finally get to the reviews!

1. Overlay: Best WooCommerce Theme

Overlay by Kaira was developed with two groups of people in mind at the same time: web developers and clients. It’s incredibly lightweight but has an outstanding range in customizing. With enough creativity, you can craft it to be almost anything you’d want.

It integrates well with both paid and additional open-source plugins. As for the web devs, they’ll love the code structure and its extensibility. The overlay will be an amazing option for countless projects due to this fact. Even amateur devs will easily make functional additions to the extension of their own and make big changes.

Overlay theme by Kaira

As for the clients, they’ll be happy because there are so many integration opportunities available with Overlay. It’s genuinely a marvel to employ as a client with no programming skills. Overlay lets you create interesting and stunning sites, all with the WC tool and not a single line of code written.

Clients will find much to love in the number of recommended plugins for our Overlay WP theme. With these, a user can create a professional, visually appealing website regardless of their web design or development experience.

It’s extremely adaptable and responsive to various platforms. It’s a very nice feature because many people have already moved onto the smartphone platform as their main internet source. This one is incredibly easy-to-manage as you construct the structure because you’ll have no issues with adapting it for various platforms.

Another great aspect of Overlay is that is it has a significantly versatile default page. You can do a big number on it and change its structure quite a lot. This feature lets you be as imaginative with it as you’d like to!

Main Advantages

  • Incredibly responsive.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Various layouts.
  • High performance.
  • Easy to integrate extensions.

2. XStore: Best WooCommerce Theme

XStore is an adaptive and top-notch theme. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most changeable WooCoomerce themes out there on the market. It will highlight your offerings and differentiate them from your competitors’ ones. XStore is feature-rich and easily adapts to any platform: mobile or desktop.

XStore should be one of your first choices if you want to have an easy time as you’re setting us your online store. It has over 350 various sections and blocks, all available for you to select. All you must do is pick and choose them to build out the website exactly how you want it.

Extra theme for WooCommerce

When you buy this one, you don’t just get the site structure; you also receive many plugins. Without the theme, they’d end up resulting in a $550 price tag. All of them are highly useful for people who don’t know how to code. Everything like Amazon service integration, page building, form building, etc., has been transformed into an easy-to-use plugin format.

What’s cool about XStore is that it supports different regions. It’s localized (appropriately translated with regards to cultural peculiarities) into over 20 languages. This way, even non-English speaking users will be able to get the most out of your web commerce service!

A nice part of XStore is that it’s still being worked on and has updates regularly released. They’re constantly adding more features and improving how well the theme works. Right now, the theme’s creators have added quite a lot, and now, XStore is very convenient to work with.

However, the fact that the theme is feature-full doesn’t mean that it’s slow. It’s rather fast, so deploying XStore on your online shop won’t damage the load times. It’s around 98-99% of the pure, no-theme website’s speed. As you can see, it won’t have a big impact on the performance.

Main Advantages

  • Free plugins.
  • Many site blocks are already defined.
  • Amazing performance.
  • Easy page and form-building experiences.
  • Cool design effects.

3. OceanWP: Best WooCommerce Theme

This theme is another swift loader that allows for quick set-up. One thing to point out is that creating pages with OceanWP is done by clicking on the desired blocks and placing them where you need to code whatsoever.

Transforming your website is as easy as clicking a few buttons – it’s intuitive and easy-to-use. It’s functionally rich and has many options to dial in. However, the support of third-party extensions allows for an even richer and deeper set-up.


Of course, the theme’s creators have thought about those people who don’t like to search the depths of the Internet for “that plugin.” That’s why you can get the paid-for bundle of plugins, which will only improve your experience with the theme. For only about $40, you’ll receive numerous designs and extensions, which are quite handy.

OceanWP powers over 320,000 websites. This popularity is NOT an accident – on the official WP website, you can see for yourself just how high-rated the theme is. It supports WC in full, and you can utilize WC to create an incredible online shopping experience.

The website-creating process is a real breeze with OceanWP. The creators have included a set-up wizard to guide you through all the steps without any trouble. Even your background in web design is practically non-existent, the wizard will get you started on modifying the theme to your likings and needs.

Main Advantages

  • Possibility for integration of countless plugins.
  • Convenient website set-up wizard.
  • Big demo templating options.
  • A quite affordable plugin bundle.
  • Fast page loading.

4. Adrenalin: Best WooCommerce Theme

Adrenalin is a responsive, stylish, multifunctional WC WP template for creating a business, blog, portfolio site, and online store. The template is packed with various options and was created considering modern technologies and users’ wishes. The theme looks cool and is very convenient to use.

What this theme does well is switching between languages and converting currencies. All the needed files are already present inside the theme source files. It’s completely adaptive and centered around buying from smartphones and tablets.


The design allows for all combinations of colors and variants of typography. You can get extremely creative with the theme and realize exactly the website you’re imagining. It’s really impressive just how much you can achieve by simply changing the block colors and typography.

Another excellent point for Adrenalin is the CommerceGurus Toolkit. It’s a native bundle of extensions to make the client’s life much easier. The plugins improve the experience with both WP and WC.

The in-depth amendments of performance and functionality make Adrenalin a great choice if you want to fill your online store with interesting features. Additionally, the theme is highly optimized for high performance. Some of the theme improvements include AJAX filters, Wishlists, Quick View, and much much more.

A nice addition to the top of the theme is the abundance of design options easy to use on the main page. You can simply select the one you like the most, play around with the colors, and put it up on the web.

Main Advantages

  • Performance optimized.
  • Completely adaptive w/ a focus on mobile platforms.
  • Tons of main page options.
  • CommerceGurus Toolkit
  • Video set-up tutorial.

5. Online Shop Pro: Best WooCommerce Theme

Well, you can probably guess what’s the theme is all about just looking at its name. It was specifically developed for eCommerce projects. You can sell any type of product with it, as it’s pretty much universal.

Online Shop Pro was specifically made with WC in mind and has the appropriate design, which only accentuates the WC features like ratings, currency localization, customer reviews, filters, and much more. It supports an unlimited amount of side bard, which can be useful if you have numerous different types of products to sell.


The shopping page is easy to use and understand. There’s nothing that special about it – it’s specifically streamlined for a minimalistic shopping experience. If you’ve seen online stores, then you’ve seen this theme. Online Shop Pro also allows for a separate blog page, but its functionality and customization are limited.

Main Advantages

  • Very simplistic.
  • Customizable shopping experience.
  • Rich sidebar functionalities.
  • Easy integration w/ popular plugins.

6. Martfury: Best WooCommerce Theme

WP is an incredible environment for building up a WC commercially focused site. There are numerous convenient WC options accessible on WP, and Martfury is one of them.

You’ll see – it’s simple to make an online commercial website on WP with such a platform as Martfury. It’s intended to make it extremely convenient for you to develop online stores like the ones available everywhere on the web. Martfury is the cutting-edge WP subtheme with every one of the essential functionalities that your online shop requires.

Source: Martfury

With Martfury, your WC WP online store will be helpful both for selling and buying people. It enables various merchants to put up their items and manage them effectively. Purchasers will want to quickly track down the needed items, which Martfury optimizes very well.

Martfury can be an excellent option for you if you’re looking to create an online store environment for your products and the products of other merchants. You can employ it to sell a wide range of items, everything from tires to jewelry to furniture, and so on.

One of the biggest functional features of Martfury is that it has a merchant price comparison built-in. This will allow the purchasing people on your website to measure the price of the different items they’d like to buy. It’s a highly useful feature for buyers, which will only attract users.

Main Advantages

  • Suitable for selling virtual products.
  • Not just an online store but a marketplace.
  • Useful features for customers.
  • Extensive product filters.
  • Order tracking system.

7. Extra: Best WooCommerce Theme

Last on our list but not the last – Extra. It’s a very versatile and cool theme that grasps your attention. It’s constantly being updated and iteratively improved, so choosing this one will bring benefits well into the future.

The main thing about Extra is that it’s not only focused on being a commercial platform for you to sell some items. First and foremost, it’s a platform for creating a personal blog or even an internet publication. However, it has well-developed integration with WC, making it a perfect option if you’re a public person who sells your merchandise.


Probably one of the biggest features of Extra is its design. You don’t have to think hard about this because some expert designers have already developed a great universal website design. Sharp lines, easy-to-follow blocks, and a focus on your content.

The transition between pages is extremely smooth, as well as the scrolling experience. Navigating through Extra is a joy, which is critical for attracting numerous users. Additionally, the users themselves can configure how the website shows up for them specifically. This feature will make both the shopping and entertainment experiences streamlined for users.

Moreover, the Extra offers you something that a lot of other themes don’t – widgets. This encompasses social networks, newsletters, author subscriptions, and many more functionalities integrated into your website.

Main Advantages

  • Useful widgets.
  • Optimized for user experience.
  • Easy and smooth navigation.
  • Both a content and commerce platform.
  • Portfolio projects.

Summing Up

Those were some of the best WC themes to use in your online store. Think about which features are most important to you and pick one from our list. The WC platform is the way to go, as it’s an accessible and efficient way to establish a commercial presence on the web.

If you’re building or customizing your themes you must also take care of the bugs that arise in them from time to time. Here’s a guide on performing DIY theme security audits that will help you do that.

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