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Top 7 OpenCart Extensions You Need For Your Online Store

Updated on: October 4, 2021

Top 7 OpenCart Extensions You Need For Your Online Store

You have created your website with utmost care undoubtedly. You have chosen OpenCart which again is a brilliant choice. Despite all this, you may still want to customize your website. Rather you must customize to leave your impression and give your customers a better experience. Here, OpenCart extensions act like catalysts. OpenCart extensions not only simplify your store operations and management but also accentuate store experience for customers. However, choosing the right extensions from a range of OpenCart extensions can get a little vexing. Hence, we have created this list of OpenCart extensions, which will give you a smooth start in your e-commerce operations.

OpenCart extension store; Source: OpenCart

Let’s Get Acquainted with OpenCart Extensions!

While some of OpenCart extensions are free, some of them are payable. Here is a list of extensions that you must have on your e-commerce store:

1. OpenCart Lightning

Being a business owner you would want your website to be fast. OpenCart Lightning is the answer to your low-speed problem. It is a very effective accelerator, if not the most. OpenCart Lightning is faster than the other accelerator addons. It is easy to configure. You will see its effect just after installing it. Download and install it right away.

You will have a 7 day trial period. You can test its limits in these 7 days. It will help you to decide whether your choice is correct. After testing if you want to keep it, you can buy the license. You will get the highest speed. If you own this you would not require other OpenCart extensions such as optimization extensions or caching extensions.

2. Mobile Professional Framework

Mobile Professional Framework aka MPF is one of the important OpenCart extensions. You will have a wonderful theme displayed when accessed through a computer. Surely, you would want the customers accessing through mobiles to see the same. You will be able to do it with the help of MPF. MPF adapts and optimizes the mobile versions for mobile devices. It is done according to the original theme that can be seen when your website is accessed through a computer.

The Quality Team would be there to help you always. You would also get free support for a month. You can choose between ten themes. The main menu and footer links can be configured. You can customize links and sections.

3. EzDeFi Bitcoin, ETH, Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

This EzDeFi Bitcoin, ETH, Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway extension is aimed towards removing the middlemen in payment with cryptocurrencies. Customers are directly connected to the merchants through this. It is very easy to set up. There is no setup or monthly fee. This OpenCart extension supports more than 2000 multiple coins or tokens.

It is a secure payment gateway. The EzDeFi Wallet protects the cryptocurrencies of the customers and merchants. There are no fraud or chargeback issues. The transaction fee is 0.1%. You will also get a 12-month free support.

4. Astra OpenCart Security Suite

The Astra OpenCart Security Suite is an extension to secure your website with the help of Astra. Astra is the best all-round security that you can ask for. It has a very strong firewall. Astra protects your website from more than 100 cyber threats. Its malware scanner is very popular. It detects all the vulnerabilities of the website and then removes them. Astra gives you 24×7 protection and support. You can choose from among the various packages of Astra. There are Monthly and Yearly Packages. The Yearly Package is a better deal of course. You will be able to save 15% if you choose it. Again, there are three types of plans for each of the Packages. These are the Pro Plan, Advanced Plan, and Business Plan. The prices range from $19 a month to $119 a month.

So, you can understand that Astra has various ways to meet your requirements. This is one of the very essential OpenCart extensions. You would want to keep your website safe of course. Your customers should have a secure environment and Astra is best in providing that. An insecure website can result in a great amount of revenue loss. But what gets affected most is trust. Trustworthiness is essential in e-commerce. Customers won’t come to you or choose you if they don’t find you credible enough. Use Astra Security to remain secure and stay trustworthy.

5. OpenCart Extensions: WhatsApp Share


WhatsApp has become a very popular messaging application. It is one of the best ways to communicate with other people irrespective of their location. You won’t have to pay for the messages. It rose to popularity very fast and is still one of the fastest-growing platforms. You should make use of this platform to your advantage.

WhatsApp Share extension is equipped to do that. You can add a WhatsApp share button on your website. It supports several languages. You can customize the share message. You can even select the design of the WhatsApp share button. A 12-month free support is also at your disposal.

6. Quick Checkout

Quick Checkout extension on OpenCart; Source: OpenCart

Quick Checkout help to optimize customers’ checkout experience by allowing you to add or subtract fields. It is one of the most popular One Page Checkout extension on the OpenCart store

7. Bulk Coupon Generator

Bulk Coupon Generator; Source: OpenCart

Bulk Coupon Generator is an OpenCart extension for generating bulk coupons instantly based on your pre-defined settings via automatic & manual way.

Get the Edge and Be the Master!

Imagine you have a Rolls-Royce. It is one of the best cars one can even imagine. But you don’t just stop there. You customize it as per your taste and needs. Using the OpenCart extensions is similar to that. You have already chosen a brilliant store management system, OpenCart. The extensions help you to customize your website according to your needs and taste. There are many more OpenCart extensions. You are free to choose and use any of the extensions.

Using the OpenCart extensions will give you the edge. It will help you rise above the normal and present something extraordinary. People always look for this and you have the perfect tools to accomplish it. Be the Master!

Ankit Pahuja

B2B cybersecurity marketing lead with years of experience in SEO, performance marketing, email marketing, lead generation, web analytics & marketing automation. Ankit is an avid speaker and has delivered various talks in top companies, early-age startups, and online events.
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