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Astra contributes to MagentoU videos – How to Harden your Linux Server before installing Magento on it

Updated on: October 26, 2023

Astra contributes to MagentoU videos – How to Harden your Linux Server before installing Magento on it

Magento is one of the market leaders in the eCommerce, Open-Source platform in today’s times Written in PHP.  It is capable of all the essential features needed for a leading eCommerce Store, It’s easy to design and develop too. Since it’s a popular CMS Security is one of the factors that are to be considered in the long run. Although, Magento is prompt with their security and has detailed instructions on securing your Magento instance after installing it. There are a few steps that are necessary for your overall security, which are to be done before installing Magento, One of them being Hardening your Linux Server.

Here’s how you can Harden your Linux Server before installing Magento on it:

  • Keep your system updated
  • Ensure Physical System Security
  • Delete unnecessary packages
  • Check Listening Network Ports
  • Enable Iptables (Firewall)
  • Backup important files
  • Use unique & strong passwords
  • Disable Ctrl+Alt+Delete in Inittab
  • Assign No-Owner Files to appropriate users
  • Avoid Using FTP, Telnet, And Rlogin/ Rsh Services
  • Disable Unwanted Services from the server
  • Turn on SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux)
  • Lockdown Cronjobs

For a detailed guide on the same, you can refer to Astra’s Video on Hardening your Linux Server before installing Magento on it published on Magento’s Learning platform, Magento U.

Follow these simple steps to gain access to the MagenoU tutorial video:

  1. Register yourself on MagentoU.
  2. Register to the Free Video Library.
  3. Navigate to your Dashboard.
  4. Now navigate to the Free Video Library.
  5. The video is published under the Developers and Additional Helpful Videos channels.

Although, a Web Application Firewall is a must needed security for your Magento store. Check our in-detailed blog article on what are the security threats E-commerce store generally face and what hackers do with the hacked website.


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