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Today, it is a lot easier to manage websites on the internet. All thanks to the open-source CMS solutions like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. As a result of this, more and more businesses are extending to the virtual world. But proportionately the hacks on these websites are also increasing with every passing year. For someone who is not familiar with…

The term API, or Application Programming Interface, has been around for years and years. APIs have been in use by developers, programmers, and their clients for a few decades now and are set to stay. More recently, APIs have been embraced by businesses for their internet-based trading, which can be referred to as a business API or a web API. Another change that has happened in the API world is the API security breaches, some of which have cost companies and their customers millions of dollars in stolen bank account details.

Magento Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

Magento has simplified the way how e-commerce is done and its open source nature has made it accessible to all. Though e-commerce is convenient, it also is a big responsibility to secure each and every transaction from cyber attack. Magento has been repeatedly targeted through attacks dubbed as 'Magecart Attacks' to steal credit card info. In such a scenario, the Magento security audit becomes necessary to fix the loopholes. Whereas to discover such loopholes Magento penetration testing is important.

WordPress Vulnerability Assesment & Penetration Testing - WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

These days, Cyber attacks have become a regular phenomenon, featuring almost every week in the headlines. At times, it's just some crazy fan printing pages from vulnerable printers around the globe to vote for his icon, other times it could be a group of hackers targeting popular CMSes with malware. Even a script kiddie can exploit common vulnerabilities in your site and damage critical infrastructure using loads of tools available online for free. Especially users of open source CMS like WordPress are amongst the soft targets. With the rise in cyber attacks, WordPress security audit has become more important than ever.

Meterpreter Commands - Post Exploitation

This is a continuation of our previous article where we got meterpreter access of our victim Windows XP machine. In this article we will look at some of the top meterpreter command available in meterpreter which will help us in performing the Post Exploitation with the maximum ease.1. Meterpreter Commands: Upload Meterpreter CommandThe Upload command allows us to upload files…

Metasploit Basics for Beginners - Exploiting Windows XP (MS08–067) with Metasploit (Kali Linux)  - Part 1

We will be going through the basics of using Metasploit to exploit Windows XP machine using MS08–067 vulnerability in this article. Setup Used for Practicing Metasploit Basics: 1) Install latest version of Virtualbox based on your host o/s from ( 2) Download and install Kali Linux 2018.2 ISO as Virtualbox VM and set Networking to Bridged mode for this VM.…

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