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Der E-Commerce hat in den letzten Jahren an Dynamik gewonnen. Infolgedessen sind mehrere Online-Plattformen wie Magento, Opencart und Prestashop entstanden. Prestashop hat dank seiner Open-Source-Natur weltweit an Popularität gewonnen. Wie bei jedem Online-Shop hat jedoch die Prestashop-Sicherheit für die Kunden höchste Priorität. In den letzten Jahren wurden mehrere Sicherheitsprobleme bei Prestashop aufgedeckt. Laut dem Buch  PrestaShop Module Development , Prestashop-Sicherheit:…

Guide de retrait de la liste noire de Google

Liste noire de Google et comment supprimer l'avertissement de liste noire Google est devenu aujourd'hui synonyme de recherche sur Internet. Par conséquent, google assume une énorme responsabilité pour assurer la sécurité de ses utilisateurs en ligne. Ainsi, il garde un œil sur le spam et les logiciels malveillants dans les pages de recherche qu'il affiche. De plus, Google utilise des…

How to Set Prestashop File & Folder Permissions?

Prestashop has been a highly favoured platform for e-commerce firms. It has helped them expand their services and flourish in this highly competitive digital world. Being an open-source platform, it is even more desirable by startups. However, this attribute has also contributed to its exploitation. Many of these exploitations could have been checked if only web owners cared to secure their website with simple security measures like the PrestaShop file permissions.

Must have PrestaShop Addons for E-commerce Stores

PrestaShop, for sure, is one of the top CMS(s) available for e-commerce. Its versatility and flexibility adds to its excellency. Plus it is also budget friendly. If you already own a shop on prestashop, you might want to look further for different tools to take care of the varied aspects of an online e-commerce store. In this article, we will list all the Prestashop Plugins which could help you take care of the various requirements of your business.

PrestaShop Malware Attack - How to Secure PrestaShop Store in Real Time

Being a successful e-commerce platform, Prestashop, no doubt, is a lucrative target for hackers. Hackers are continuously on hunt for an overlooked vulnerability in popular CMS(s). They are on the look out for new methods to deliver their payload like injecting malware in the traffic of open Wi-Fi via ARP poisoning. Further, a PrestaShop Malware is any kind of malicious code deployed by the hackers via a vulnerability in order to exploit a Prestashop store.

PrestaShop Caught in Spam Exploit

PrestaShop, needless to say, is one of the big names in the e-commerce industry. This free open-source CMS is currently being used by 250,000 online stores worldwide and is maintained and regulated by an efficient team of more than a hundred members, says wikipedia. However, we still cannot vouch for its immunity to cyber attacks. After being affected by spam last year, Prestashop is again hit in the same place.

Woocommerce vs Prestashop comparision

Planning to take your business online? The basic requirements include an eye-catching website and an effortless Content management system(CMS) cut out for an e-commerce website. Well, PrestaShop & WooCommerce are both open-source platforms to build your e-commerce websites on. Hence, the dilemma of choosing one between PrestaShop vs WooCommerce, two leaders of this space can be mind-numbing. So, in this…

6 Top Information Security Risks to Know About as You Prepare for 2019

An ever-growing range of information security threats exist that can lead to a range of devastating consequences for organizations, such as: compliance issues associated with the loss of sensitive data. severely damaged reputations as a result of information loss or theft. high costs—the average data breach costs $3.86 million according to an IBM-backed 2018 study conducted by the Ponemon Institute.…

Admin Password Compromised and Credit Card Details Sent to Hacker Email - OpenCart, Magento & Prestashop

OpenCart and Prestashop are free and open source solutions for managing e-commerce operations. Whether you are a startup or an established brand, with its 13000+ modules, OpenCart has something for everyone. Also, OpenCart is constantly trying to increase the client experience and has even partnered on a pilot project with Google. However, popularity also attracts some unwanted attention of hackers.…


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