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Réparation d'un site PHP piraté - Guide de suppression des logiciels malveillants

PHP est aujourd'hui l'épine dorsale de presque tous les CMS populaires. Grâce à sa simplicité et à sa nature sans licence, PHP est le choix préféré pour le développement de sites Web dynamiques. Cependant, en raison de mauvaises normes de codage, compromettre les sites PHP est devenu relativement facile. Internet regorge de fils d'aide où les utilisateurs se plaignent du…

Guide de retrait de la liste noire de Google

Liste noire de Google et comment supprimer l'avertissement de liste noire Google est devenu aujourd'hui synonyme de recherche sur Internet. Par conséquent, google assume une énorme responsabilité pour assurer la sécurité de ses utilisateurs en ligne. Ainsi, il garde un œil sur le spam et les logiciels malveillants dans les pages de recherche qu'il affiche. De plus, Google utilise des…

WordPress relies heavily on PHP. Most of the core files and almost all themes in WordPress are PHP based. PHP is so widely used over the internet today that even the blog you are reading is powered by PHP. Having the latest version of PHP on your website can give you a significant edge over the people who run outdated…

Symfony is a popular PHP framework that makes it easy for users to create PHP websites and web applications. In the past, there have been instances when Drupal was affected due to a flaw in the Symfony framework. Ultimately, this lead to the Symfony website hacked. Though this was a flaw of the Symfony framework at times, unsafe development practices…

How To Remove "Deceptive Site Ahead" Warning

I am sure, you got a mini heart attack to have your website flagged with a scary looking red screen with the message Deceptive Site Ahead in it. And you have been striving to retrieve your website from that danger ever since maybe. Yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will try to answer most questions around that dreaded sentence “Deceptive Site Ahead”. Further, we will help you in removing that face shaming message from your website.

PHP Firewall & Hack Removal Plugin

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), might be an old coding language but it still is crowned with the title of being the most popular one. The A-listed companies that use PHP as its language includes Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Laravel, Opencart, Drupal amongst the many others. But as it goes, popularity accompanies threats. And PHP is no exception. In fact, no coding language is protected against hacking but the recent trail of PHP based CMS(s) being attacked one after the other is a matter to be pondered upon. The best way you can have these attacks checked is by using a PHP Firewall.

PHP Website Hacked? These PHP Vulnerabilities Can Be the Cause

PHP is the backbone of almost every popular CMS today. Thanks to its simplicity and license-free nature, PHP is the preferred choice for dynamic website development. However, due to poor coding standards, compromising PHP sites has become relatively easy. The internet is full of help threads where users complain about custom PHP website hacked or PHP website redirects hack. This has led to a lot of negative publicity for PHP itself which is nowhere to be blamed for this. Shredding the myths on PHP security, Anthony Ferrara, a PHP core contributor, and a renowned security expert commented that,

Resolving XSS, CSRF, SQLi, Session Hijacking & Other Security Issues in PHP

PHP is dramatically the most criticized languages when we talk of security, yet the oldest in its usage. Despite being old it is far from being outdated. On the contrary, it is still in high demand. Thus, it is important that it remains as protected as possible for it is basic to many growing businesses. PHP coders, understand the fact…

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