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How To Remove "Deceptive Site Ahead" Warning

I am sure, you got a mini heart attack to have your website flagged with a scary looking red screen with the message Deceptive Site Ahead in it. And you have been striving to retrieve your website from that danger ever since maybe. Yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will try to answer most questions around that dreaded sentence “Deceptive Site Ahead”. Further, we will help you in removing that face shaming message from your website.

CMS Security: How Secure Is It To Build My Website On An Open-Source CMS?

Open Source CMS Security vs Hosted Solution If you’re worried about the security of doing... well, just about anything on the internet today, no one can blame you. With data leaks all over the place, private data exposed for the world to see and fraud efforts on unprecedented scales, we are far from the wide-eyed optimism of the web’s early…

6 Top Information Security Risks to Know About as You Prepare for 2019

An ever-growing range of information security threats exist that can lead to a range of devastating consequences for organizations, such as: compliance issues associated with the loss of sensitive data. severely damaged reputations as a result of information loss or theft. high costs—the average data breach costs $3.86 million according to an IBM-backed 2018 study conducted by the Ponemon Institute.…

E-Commerce Security is often not the top priority of store owners. If given an analogy between physical stores and electronic retail stores, people invest into the security of their physical stores in terms of CCTV cameras,  alarm systems, door locks and more. This arrangement is made to save yourself from shoplifting. People need to understand that shoplifting, when done in electronic…

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