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Wordpress guide

Being used by one-third of the total websites, WordPress always manages to catch the eye of webmasters and malefactors. The extent to which attackers have been targeting WordPress in recent years is alarming and calls for action. Despite the attacks, WordPress Security is still a massively misunderstood and underappreciated concept which people conveniently tend to overlook.   However, in the wake…

The worldwide web celebrated its 30th anniversary in March this year. A lot has changed since it first made an appearance. While addressing the celebratory event, inventor Berners-Lee said: “The web is not the web we wanted in every respect.” Ailing with menace like cybercrimes, data breaches, privacy compromisations, the web has become quite a scary place to be. To…

Joomla Security Issues: Top 5 Deadly Attacks on Joomla Site

Joomla is a popular CMS which outdoes its rivals in adaptability and flexibility. Joomla is a fine balance when it comes to choosing between the two extreme ends WordPress and Drupal. However, just like every other CMS, Joomla has had a fair share of security vulnerabilities. Hackers have exploited multiple Joomla sites worldwide from time to time due to one or the other Joomla security issue.

What Are Magecart Attacks On Magento Store And How To Prevent Them

Magecart attacks came out of the dark when it targeted credit card info of big names such as British Airways, Ticketmaster, Netwegg, etc and made headlines. But, this does not mean Magecart attacks came into existence recently. In fact, Magecart attacks can be traced back to 2014 when several groups first started monetizing with stolen credit card details. Masterminds of Magecart have been active and growing ever since.