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AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Online Data Safety in 2019

Over the past few decades, artificial intelligence has evolved from a science-fiction cliche to an essential component of everyday technology. More than half a century later, we’re firmly entrenched in the age of machine learning, thanks largely to the growth of AI. This technology imitates human intelligence, enabling machines to contemplate, judge, and reach their own decisions. Until recently, that required a level of expertise only humans were capable of.

Top 7 Common WordPress Mistakes Everyone Makes

One of the reasons WordPress has become so widespread is that it’s a breeze to use, sporting a very intuitive UI, simple drag and drop technology, and a number of features which make your life much easier. It’s well-known that even someone who’s never touched WordPress can get a hang of it in less than a day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do any wrong with it. Mistakes do happen when people use WordPress, and quite often at that.

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