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How to secure WordPress Database?

For any WordPress website the database is the biggest asset. It stores all the crucial information of a website i.e. user info, site URLs, posts, pages, comments, custom fields, etc. An improperly secured WordPress database is like an open invitation to hackers. In this article, we will discuss how to secure WordPress database.

Prestashop vs Magento vs Opencart Security Compared

One of the most important parts of website development is choosing a secure and efficient Content Management Software (CMS) because a job well begun is a job half done. While there are many options to choose from the best ones in the market are- Prestashop, Magento and Opencart. This article gives a security comparison of PrestaShop vs Magento vs Opencart.

Cross-site scripting, also known as XSS in short, is a security vulnerability found in web applications. WordPress XSS exploit allows attackers to inject malicious content under the guise of a trusted entity. Further, an XSS vulnerability also compromises user-website interaction. It allows attackers to pose as legitimate users and upload malicious content, steal user credentials and information, deface your website and tarnish your brand.

How to Remove Google Phishing Warning- Includes a Review Request Template

With the Google Safe Browsing feature, Google maintains a list of suspicious websites that might be under attack by hackers. When users try to visit an unsafe site, they are met with a red screen displaying a warning message. Google phishing warning appears as “Deceptive site ahead” for sites that are suspected of phishing attacks.

How to recover website SEO after a hack?

The is the aftermath of the “hacking disaster” is its effect on your website SEO. Recovering the SEO ranking is the biggest and toughest task. Read on to find out how to recover website SEO after a hack.

You are starting a new business and want to launch a website and are looking for a robust Content Management System (CMS). Your friend suggests you WordPress as the obvious choice because of the availability of multitude themes and plug-ins and low effort basic installation. But your major concern is security. You ask, Is WordPress Secure?