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Over the past few months, a new type of seasoned malware injection has surfaced on the internet, this malware’s intentions are pretty clear. It generates Spam Search Results when someone Googles about your WordPress website. The most common attacks are Japanese SEO Spam, Wordpress Pharma attack & Spam links. This WordPress Spam malware creates junk pages on your website that get redirected…

CyberSecurity in SEO: How Website Security Affects SEO Performances

Everyone knows the saying- "Who owns the information, owns the world". Progress has made companies depend on information systems. Consequently, it made them vulnerable to hacker attacks, computer viruses, human and government errors. Many business owners no longer feet safe. In this article, we will talk about the importance of cybersecurity in SEO and how a good security structure affects your website's online performance.

WordPress Website Hacked & Sending Spam: Symptoms, Causes & Cleanup

WordPress is probably the cheapest and easiest solution for online content management. WordPress has been around for a long time and powers a major section of the web now. However, this popularity comes with a heavy cost as it is also one of the most commonly targeted CMS in the world. As a result, users often complain of issues like WordPress hacked sending spam to their customers. And dealing with WordPress spam can prove to be more frustrating for you for it can sabotage the reputation of your site in the long run.

PrestaShop Caught in Spam Exploit

PrestaShop, needless to say, is one of the big names in the e-commerce industry. This free open-source CMS is currently being used by 250,000 online stores worldwide and is maintained and regulated by an efficient team of more than a hundred members, says wikipedia. However, we still cannot vouch for its immunity to cyber attacks. After being affected by spam last year, Prestashop is again hit in the same place.

Woocommerce spambot protection

Have a website on WordPress? Then 90% of the comments might be spam. The numbers are shocking and they are not only in your comment sections. They are probably everywhere. Without adequate protection against them, they can cause critical damage to your website. Combating WordPress spambots and keeping them out of your website requires information about what they are and…