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Managing content on the web has become a matter of seconds now, thanks to WordPress. With efficiency and affordability, WordPress has rightly been crowned the most favorable CMS around. Yet, the WordPress site hacked has become a constant phenomenon. In fact, WordPress is one of the widely targeted CMS- hacker’s favorite. Thousands of users suffer each year from WordPress site hacked. This makes WordPress malware removal service a necessity.

Moreover, some hacks on WordPress are brutal and leave even well-established names in ruins. Not to mention that a hacked website can tarnish your business’ reputation and tatter customer’s trust. A study conducted by Astra security experts has shown that these data breaches are directly linked to a company’s stock performance.

Thus, the consequences of a hacked website are heavy. Further, recovering your business back to its original pace & performance is the hardest part of WordPress malware removal service. Anyway, it’s a relief to know that it is not irrevocable. Quite contrary to being irrevocable, these hacks can be mended with a competent WordPress Malware removal service like Astra’s.

What does Astra’s WordPress malware removal service include?

Your websites need not undergo the usual fate of a hacked website when Astra’s WordPress malware removal service is at your dispense. Astra offers immediate malware cleanup (typically done in 4 to 6 hours) and saves your business from taking a hit.

We see people regularly coming to us with pains like malware, redirection, defacement, credit card hack, data theft, black hat SEO, Phishing, etc on their websites. In most cases, the cause comes out to be an ill-maintained website. These websites either ran on an outdated version or had vulnerable plugins & themes installed on them.

WordPress Malware Removal Service
Astra’s WordPress Malware Removal Service

Here is how Astra WordPress Malware Removal Service help websites:

  1. Priority Malware Cleanup

    Astra provides priority malware cleanup for your website and removes malware in under 4-6 hours. Starting only minutes after you sign up, our security engineers take care of it all. This is how the WordPress malware removal goes like at Astra-
    Once we have your website details, our engineers configure Astra on the site and initiate a server-side file + database scan. This automated scan looks for
    1) Malware
    2) Adware
    3) Backdoors
    4) Known malicious function
    5) Dangerous functions
    6) URLs of blacklisted domains etc.

    Then, they clean the malware and eliminate backdoors. At last, the Astra firewall is installed as a plugin in your WordPress site which protects it from future attacks. And, all this is done in a few hours only.

  2. Removal of Security Warnings

    Astra takes care of the security warnings too. If your website was blacklisted or flagged by Google or any other search engine, Astra will clean the malware submit a request on your behalf.

  3. Website Firewall

    When all is done and dusted, we install our intelligent web application firewall on your website for continuous monitoring and better protection of your website. Astra’s rock-solid firewall is known to protect your website against SQLi, XSS, LFI, RFI, Bad Bots, Spam & 100+ threats in real-time. Apart from OWASP’s top 10 threats found in websites, the firewall is tailored to protect against known CVE’s.

    Most importantly, this firewall keeps on evolving with each attempted hack and records that for optimized protection in the Future. Other features of the firewall include IP blocking, Country blocking, Range blocking, IP whitelisting, easy & concise threat reports, etc.

  4. Real Human Support

    Moreover, with Astra’s human support, a live person will always be there for you to answer your queries at any point in time. Our support is known to go that extra mile to bring a smile on the faces of our customers.

WordPress Malware Removal Service: Pricing

The priority WordPress malware removal service comes with the pro and business plan. Also, the Astra pricing works per FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name).

Astra Security Suite pricing

How does it actually work?

From the time of sign up to the malware removal, the process is smooth. So, here is how the WordPress Malware removal service goes like:

  1. You sign-up for Astra & you’re taken to our dashboard
  2. You need to fill in your website details in the dashboard
  3. From there our engineers begin a malware cleanup on your website (automated+manual analysis)
  4. Post that, we deploy Astra firewall on your website to ensure real-time protection against SQL, XSS, LFI, Malware, and 100+ attacks

Besides filling the details, no effort is required from your end. Our security engineers will get to work and bring your website to its working self again.

Astra Security Reviews for WordPress Hack Removal

Astra reviews speak of its service itself. Customers have been really approving in their feedback. Astra has a 100% 5-star rating on Capterra (82 reviews) and a 99% 5-star rating on Trustpilot (75 reviews). Here is what a few customers said about Astra-

Ferdinand M. says,

The people at Astra are amazing. They will manually review your site and what’s going on and help you if your site has malicious code on it, as well as send you the report of what all went on. The security is top notch. We had it tested by a military facility on Alabama and they couldn’t break through. Great product. Don’t miss out by any means.

Jonathan says,

Been using Astra for a while. Very happy with their audits, scanning, frontend protection and their service.

Check more reviews on Trustpilot and Capterra.


To sum up, WordPress requires much more than its developer’s attention. The developers of WordPress have honestly outdone themselves in designing, maintaining and securing WordPress. Now, the security of your website depends on how impeccably you maintain it. Anyway, in the event of a cyberattack, malware removal becomes necessary. Here is an Astra demo for you to get a gist of how Astra does what it does.

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